Find it. Grow it. Keep it.

“Most people aren’t taught how to create and safeguard their wealth. That’s why pursuing affluent prosperity can feel complicated, confusing and time consuming. Yet it’s easily solved with a simple action plan.” Nick Smith, The Financial NavigatorTM

If you’re drowning in your family, business and personal life, struggling to achieve your lifestyle and retirement dreams, and you’re fed up with the endless hamster wheel of work, eat, sleep, repeat…

… then this book will transform your life and business.

Ex-Naval Aviator, author, business owner, and financial expert Nick Smith, aka The Financial Navigator, uncovers all in this revealing book to steer your business into the wealth-creating machine you deserve. Simple and easy-to-understand strategies and actions show you how to enjoy sustainable wealth, a richer lifestyle, and an enduring legacy with far less effort.

So sit back, relax, and dive in to reveal:

  • Why the way you think is crucial to growing the wealth you deserve
  • How your past money story could be sabotaging your future prosperity
  • Why other people’s opinions can crush your ambitions and dreams
  • How to take control of your financial future with the Wealth Accelerator
You’ll discover the secret-sauce of wealth and uncover simple strategies to navigate your way to affluent prosperity.

Find it. Grow it. Keep it.

“I bloody loved it. It has a very relaxed and non stuffy feel but is absolutely jam packed with good advice. In fact, I am on my second reading of it now, only this time I am highlighting bits, adding page markers.” Anna Rump

The Foreword – by Brett Anderson

When Nick first asked me to write something for his book I was terrified.

I imagined endless, dry pages detailing accountancy procedures or, alternatively, some sort of aggressive American-style financial self-help bible bullying the reader into shouting positive slogans at themselves in the mirror every morning.

I worried that my world – music – was so far removed from his that I couldn’t possibly comment on something that was obviously beyond my sphere of expertise. Well, that’s why we have financial advisors, right?

The inevitable truth, though, was that this book was a far more engaging and thoughtful read than I anticipated.

Instead of being some pumped-up manual for success, I found it surprisingly reflective and philosophical. Yes, he draws many parallels with his experiences in the Navy, but they never come across as bullish. The anecdotes, rather than being simple war stories, seem more like parables and tend to invite interesting debates about the nature of risk.

I particularly enjoyed Nick’s reflections on the purpose of failure, something with which I have become increasingly fascinated as I look back at my own career arc.

As a financial consultant, Nick provides wise guidance and a sense of protection—and, fittingly, this book resonates with a similar kind of aegis and ultimately reveals itself to be quietly and unexpectedly inspirational.

Brett Anderson, Jan 2021